Dr Lin Chiu-Ling 林巧琳博士

An energetic and passionate performer, Dr. Lin plays before enthusiastic audiences around the world. Reviewers wrote that she “presented Chopin with authority balanced with heartfelt emotion”, “made compositions soar with her joyous and skilled interpretation”, and “translated all of Mozart's exuberance and romanticism with an ease and naturalness which was a thrill to witness."

In 1979, Dr. Lin made her Carnegie Recital Hall debut as the winner of the East and West Young Artist Auditions. She received rave reviews by critics after her tour of Peru, Argentina, and Brazil as the United States Information Agency's Artistic Ambassador to Latin America in 1991. She has soloed with fourteen orchestras, including the Atlanta Symphony, the Chicago Civic Orchestra, the Singapore Symphony, and the Des Moines Symphony.

Born in Taiwan, and educated in Singapore’s Nanyang Girls’ High, Dr. Lin received her bachelor's degree from New England Conservatory of Music and her master's and doctoral degrees from Indiana University. Her 30 years of college teaching experience include positions as Chair of the Music Department and Professor of Piano at Drake University in Des Moines, IA and Artist-in-Residence at Indiana University at South Bend.

Appearances in New York, Boston, Chicago, England, Canada, China, Japan, Singapore and Malaysia have featured Dr. Lin's unique mix of music by Chinese and Western composers. Her virtuosity in Chinese piano music is showcased in the CD, "Portraits of China."

曾在南洋女中渡过中学生涯的林巧琳, 出生台湾, 五岁开始学习钢琴, 随家人到新加坡后, 拜著名钢琴家冯国帧夫人为师. 中学时, 获英国皇家音乐学院演奏特优文凭. 1965年获奖学金赴美深造, 波士顿的新英格兰音乐学院, 考获荣誉学位后, 她再到印第安纳大学深造, 荣获硕士和博士学位. 1979年荣获入选为‘西方青年演奏家’. 1991年, 获选为美国新闻局文化大使, 在南美乐坛激起一番震撼, 好评如潮.

巧琳经常受邀到世界大都市演奏, 开音乐会, 琴音所至, 包括纽约, 波士顿, 芝加哥, 伦敦, 牛津, 北京, 上海, 广州, 香港, 日本, 新马, 加拿大, 秘鲁, 巴西, 阿根廷等地. 评论家们认为她所演奏的音乐作品, “随着她快乐和非常技巧的演绎而升腾, 翱翔. 她把所有莫扎特的丰富情感和浪漫精神, 都自然地表达出来, 这让听众感到激动.”由于有着东西方文化背景,巧琳往往在演奏节目中把东西方作曲家的音乐巧妙地融合演出,形成她演奏会的独特风格。 《中国之画》光碟则收录了她弹奏的中国钢琴曲。

巧琳曾先后受邀在新加坡文化部和南洋中小幼校友会主办的钢琴独奏会上, 让新加坡爱好音乐的朋友们, 有机会欣赏她精湛的弹奏技巧, 和沐浴在其感情充沛的琴音里. 1999年的独奏会, 更是为母校筹募建校基金而呈献.